Ever tried Shawarma?

Babel Taste: 5/5 Price: 4/5 Location:2/5 If you never tried Babel’s Shawarma on a hot summer’s day in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg you’ve missed something. Shawarma is a better “Döner” Kebab and has it’s roots in egypt. The plate comes with hummus, pomegranate salad and a side dish of your choice (halloumi, falafel, vegetables). The food … More Ever tried Shawarma?

Waffles, anyone?!

Waffle Brothers Taste: 5/5 Price: 5/5 Location: 4/5 This cute waffle place is located at the Kantstraße in Charlottenburg. It’s a nice but small café but till now I always found a place to sit. On summer days you can also sit outside. The waffles are delicious and the best part is you can choose … More Waffles, anyone?!